Welcome to the Estate Planning Council of Mississippi's website!We hope our website will assist members and visitors alike in finding qualified professionals in the estate planning field and resources related to estate planning. While visitors are welcome to browse our site, please note that some features are reserved for members only.Membership in the Council is open to professionals in the following groups who substantially practice in the area of estate planning: (A) Certified Public Accountants; (B) Members of the Mississippi State Bar Association who hold either the LL.M. degree or the J.D. degree; (C) Financial service practitioners who hold at least one of the following designations: CLU, ChFC, or CFP; and (D) Officers of corporations or associations having their principal office in the State of Mississippi who (a) have trust powers granted by the State of MS or the Comptroller of the Currency and subject to regulation by such authority or (b) have a charitable purpose.The purpose of the Council is to promote the education of all interested professionals in the field of estate and trust planning; to work toward the mutual understanding of the problems involved and the parts which can be solved best by members of each of the participating professions; and to promote friendship and cooperation between members of the various professions with a resulting better service to clients and the community.If you practice in the fields listed above and are looking for a way to stay current on the latest developments in our field, check out our calendar and click on the Contact Us tab to make arrangements to join us at our next meeting. Guests are welcome but reservations are required.Please note:The contents of this site are not intended as legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice and is presented without any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. No decisions should be made based on the information found on this site without seeking the appropriate professional advice on the facts and circumstances particular to your situation. The links to information on other sites are provided for your convenience only and are not an endorsement or recommendation of those sites.

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